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Enhanced Equipment

A Bellevue firefighter’s job has grown substantially in scope – they must be prepared to respond to “all hazards” while also facing new risks to their health and wellbeing. Leading-edge lifesaving equipment and technology will address increased complexities with innovative solutions.


Leadership development, continuing education, and fire training are at the forefront of public safety preparedness. The Foundation helps the BFD with funding for technical programs, specialized training, and a professional curriculum to develop leadership skills among firefighters transitioning to lieutenants.

Community Outreach

Community outreach and education are essential in strengthening BFD’s ability to engage effectively across the diverse population it serves. Special focus is on its most vulnerable populations – children, senior citizens, and those with limited to no English proficiency. The Foundation helps the BFD by providing enhancements to improve communications and expand public engagement in all Bellevue neighborhoods.

Recognition and Morale

As the opportunities arise, the Foundation recognizes sworn and civilian members of the Bellevue Fire Department for going above and beyond to keep our community safe. Having community members recognize the outstanding work this department does every day builds morale and improves retention.


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